What are Nic Salts?...

The vaping industry is forever evolving, and one of the latest trends is nic salt e-liquids.  Vapers are continuously being introduced to new and more advanced technology.  Now we are beginning to see modifications to the e-liquid ingredients themselves.

Don’t let the term nic salts fool you.  It’s simply a shortened version of the term nicotine salts.  Contrary to many initial assumptions, nic salt e-liquids do not automatically taste like  iodized salt.  In scientific terms, nic salts are created by mixing certain types of acids with a pure nicotine extract or base. 

And while the term acids can sound even more frightening, rest assured that nic salts occur in tobacco plants naturally.  The result is a higher milligram product that is smoother for the customer and more closely resembles a traditional cigarette.